From a Vision to Realization: ISO Certification of CPSUs 10 Campuses Now Achieved

True to its commitment to pursue and provide the highest quality services for its clientele in terms of its main functions in research, instruction, extension, production and administrative support services, Central Philippines State University has subjected all its campuses to international Standardization evaluation known as the ISO audit last November 10 and 11, 2020.

The process of reaching this zenith of success was a long and arduous path which included several months of rigorous and stringent series of trainings, workshops and internal audits which had all the process owners, top management and internal audit team working tightly, concertedly and earnestly to ensure that each of the campuses’ Quality management system is in place.

The 10 sites that were evaluated were the Main Campus (site 1), San Carlos Campus (site 2), Victorias Campus (site 3), Sipalay Campus (site 4), Moises Padila Campus (site 5), Cauayan Campus (site 6), Ilog Campus (site 7), Hinoba-an Campus (site 8), Hinigaran Campus (site 9) and Candoni Campus (site 10). For the Main Campus (site 1), however, this was already its second surveillance remote audit since it was granted its ISO certification last February 2019.

The TUV Rheinland Audit Team was led by Jogina Mendiola TUVR Lead Auditor, together with the other TUVR Auditors Fronie Aligway, Mary Grace Balobalo, Michelle Pestañas an Kharen Conception.

Meanwhile, the Internal Audit team for the Main campus was headed by Dr. Michael Bacolod as the Lead Auditor. Together with him were Sir Noel S. Dayono, Dr. Mae Flor G. Posadas, For. Dominic L. Billen, Dr. Eleanor F. Castro, Sir Michael Brian S. Arcedas, Dr. Denis Bilocura, Engr. Maria Cristina I. Canson, Ms. Michelle M. Sipat, Dr. Flora L. Carpio, Dr. Chester L. Cofino, Engr. Laarni M. Castor, Sir Corold Romano Ms. Kristine Besana, Ma’am Jane T. Toledo, Dr. Lycel Pacheco, Ma’am Sheila A. Ignacio, Sir Francis Ian Adad, Dr. Alfredo U. Castro, Jr. And  Dr. Milagros M. Antonio (For Internal Audit Process Only).

In the Extension Campuses, the following were the Internal Audit team;       For San Carlos Campus, the Asst. Lead Auditor is Mr. Ken Balogo together with Ms. Micheelle Carian, Mr. Domric M. Panunciar, Mr. Romnick S. Capuyan, Dr. Cherrymae Poculan, and Mr. Juje C. Ramada. For Moises Padilla Campus, the Asst. Lead Auditor is Ms. Ma. Fe Macairan together with Ms. Ann Margarit P. Mendoza, Mr. Raymund Abaño an Mr. Jose Edmund Odencio. For Victorias Campus, the Asst. Lead Auditor is Mr. Juno E. Pajarillo, and with him are Ms. Jaylen D. Saluria, Ms. Christine May A. Bantiling, Ms. April Joy N. Sabando and Mr. Jonel A. Progroso. For Hinigaran Campus, the Asst. Lead Auditor is Ms. Shenai F. Juance, together with Mr. Paul Drake Pelagio, Mr. Jake Magbanua and Mr. Reynan Navales. For Ilog Campus, the Asst. Lead Auditor is Mr.Willie Lacida, along with Jonny Cuizon and Mr. Jovel Minasalvas. For Candoni Campus, the Asst. Lead Auditor is Ms. Evelyn P. Paguntalan, along with Ms. Anamae D. Clamor and Mr. Frank Anthony Y. Bullag. For Cauayan Campus, the Asst. Lead Auditor is Dr. Jenesa A. Dayono, and assisted by Dr. Jimmy O. Degillo, Dr. Germa T. Borres, Dr. Ervin T. Ferraris, Mr. Ken Harvy T. Gonzales, Mr. Lian G. Jurado and Mr. Alberto D. Navales Jr. For Sipalay Campus, the Asst. Lead Auditor is Mr. Nolly A. Eran and assisted by Mr. Jeonilo B. Orbigoso. Finally, for Hinoba-an Campus the Asst. Lead Auditor is Ms. Lyka M. Villanueva, together with Ms. Joe-an Mae Escober , Mr. Randy Genise and Ms. Rose Mae T. Rivera.

During the closing program of the said audit, all efforts were well paid off when TUV Rheinland awarded the ISO certification to all ten (10) sites. The audit revealed zero (0) major non-conformity and only two (2) minor NCs or non-conformity.

TUV Rheinland declared that the organization (CPSU) has established and maintained an effective system to ensure compliance with its policy and objectives. The audit team confirmed in line with the audit targets that the organization’s management system complies with, adequately maintains and implements the requirements of the standard.

For the visionary leader of CPSU, Dr. Aladino Moraca, who had envisioned the University to reach this far through his dynamic leading, “This is a great milestone for CPSU to have all its campuses ISO certified. With the collaboration of everybody who toiled day and night for this achievement, receiving this recognition is the most treasured and priceless reward,” he stated.

For SUCs like CPSU, ISO audit is considered the highest level of evaluation that looks into how the institution performs and runs its processes and services based on international standards. This calls for the need of standardizing and streamlining its processes and services for the satisfaction of its clients and other relevant interested parties. Hence, passing this kind of rigid evaluation ensures the top quality services and improvement of the school’s overall performance for effective and efficient operation.

By: Josephine Asuncion R. Emoy