CPSU Initiates Bayanihan Clean Up Drive

By Dr. Josephine Asuncion R. Emoy

In support to World Environment Day 2020 with the theme, “Time for Nature,” which focuses on the conservation and protection of natural resources, flora and fauna, the Bayanihan Clean-up Drive was realized last July 7, 2020 at CPSU – Main Campus through the leadership of the University President, Aladino Moraca.

Being an advocate of environmental protection and agriculture, Dr. Moraca urged all the CPSU personnel to  take part in the legacy of taking care of the environment and making it a culture to be handed down to posterity. “The target is to make the campus a zero plastic University in the next 2 to 3 years,” he stated.

The president’s purpose is for the University personnel to take the lead in protecting not just the campus premises but the environment as a whole through simple acts of picking plastic wrappers and disposing garbage properly to set as role models for students to emulate, so that when they return to the campus, the “clean and green” ambiance would greet them and hopefully would prompt them to also take their share of maintaining cleanliness by avoiding irresponsible waste littering and disposal.

The whole day activity had everyone on their feet cleaning their respective areas in the campus, picking up plastics bottles and wrappers, and beautifying their surroundings. They also pledged to maintain and continue what they had started as their share of giving back to nature all the good things it has bestowed upon them for free.