CBM holds Skills Olympics 2023

As an avenue for BSHM students to apply their skills in their chosen field, the College of Business Management (CBM) held a Skills Olympics Competition last May 8-9, 2023 at CPSU, Main Campus, Kabankalan City. 

Commencing with a parade, the entire run of the event contained eight (8) contest categories which were spontaneously conducted at the Mt. Ballo Hall. These were Table Napkin Folding, Chef Wars, Quiz Bee, On-the-Spot Cake Decor, Buffet Table Skirting with Floral Centerpiece, Tour Guiding, Themed Table Set-up, and Fruit and Vegetables Carving.

The said two-day event engaged the students in various activities that showcased their artistry, mastery of skills and discipline. Participants were the representatives per section who indulged in the meticulous and time-bound competitions that tested their teamwork, agility, concentration, creativity, knowledge and speed.

Concluding the event was the awarding of winners where John Vincent Sara of BSHM-3A won the first place in Table Napkin Folding Contest, followed by Kyla Sangrines from BSHM 1-C, followed by Mary Grace Morales from BSHM 4-A. 

Meanwhile, the BSHM 3-A team bagged the first place in Chef Wars, Quiz Bee, On-The-Spot Cake Décor and in Fruit and Vegetable Carving contests, while in Buffet Table Skirting with Floral Centerpiece, the BSHM 2-B took the first place. 

In Tour-Guiding, the BSHM 1-B won the first place, while in Themed Table Set-up were secured by the BSHM 4-A and 4-B, with both groups earning a tie for the 1st place,

The overall champion was awarded to the BSHM 3-A students. The first-place winners received a medal, certificates, a cash prize and a pack of groceries, while the second and third-place winners received a certificate and a pack of groceries. The rest of the contestants in each category also received a certificate of participation.

The said event was spearheaded by the CBM Student Society headed by their adviser Ms. Charity A. Vergara, CTP, MBA, CBM dean Sheila Ignacio, and by their CBM Student Society governor Ms. Rona M. Borbon, along with the rest of their CBM Student society officers.


By: A. Fernandez BSABE 3A & J. Emoy - The Cenphilian Publication