CPSU, U.S Soybean Export Council (USSEC) leads training in fundamentals of animal nutrition and feed formulation at CPSU Main Campus

CPSU – College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) in partnership with USSEC conducted a two-day training on Fundamentals of Animals Nutrition and Feed Formulation to all 4th year Animal Science students, last April 20-21, 2023 at Mt. Ballo Hall, CPSU Main.

Dr. Hanzel C. Pedrosa, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Forestry, stated that the purpose of the said training was to further advance the students’ knowledge and skills and keep them abreast with the current trends and technical advancements relevant to their field of discipline. 

Among the highlighted topics in the training were the Introduction of USSEC Feed & Animal Status and Outlook (Philippines) as discussed by Dr. Benito Oliveros, the Country Representative of USSEC Philippines; Updates on ASF and Al in the Philippines & Biosecurity and Sanitation Programs to mitigate and Disease Challenges in the farms, by Dr. Eugene Mende, the Technical Services Manager of San Miguel Foods, Inc.; the Important Roles of Nutritionist and Feed Formulators in Feed Production, Quality Control Parameters for Raw Materials and Feeds, by Dr. Benito Oliveros; Soybean Meal: Nutrition Quality & Performance in Swine & Poultry, as explained by Dr. Basilisa Reas, the Technical Consultant, USSEC Philippines; Basic Animal Nutrition of Swine: Nutrient Requirements and Recommendations for all classes of Swine, by Dr. Rhona Niña Reyes, the Technical Consultant of USSEC Philippines; Basic Animal Nutrition of Poultry: Nutrient Requirement & Recommendations for all classes of Poultry, by UPLB professor, Dr. Noel Lumbo; Introduction and Principle of Feed Formulation, by Mr. Chris Cobacha; US Soy: Sustainability and Sustainable Sourcing, by the Regional Director of US Soybean Export Council, Mr. Timothy Loh; Practical Feeding of Swine,  by Dr. Rhona Niña Reyes, the Technical Consultant of USSEC Philippines; Practical Feeding of Poultry, by Dr. Noel Lumbo; and the Utilization of some Alternative Local Ingredients for Swine and Poultry, by Dr. Benito Oliveros.

After the discussion, Mr. Chrism Cobacha performed a demonstration & feed formulation using a software. An open forum followed which was facilitated by Mr. Jerico Rod Calibo, MSc. the Regional Technical Support, USSEC Southeast Asia.

According to Dr. Noel Dayono, CAF faculty and Director for Gender and Development,  the training will be relevant to the preparation of the students as they are in the final phase of completing their degree.

“This training is intended to increase awareness of new technology, animal nutrition, and feed formulation. It is also intended to train graduating students who have knowledge of the latest technology presented in nutrition on various nutritional guidelines, such as in poultry and broilers, where each tray has its own nutritional needs in order to maximize the genetic potential of the animals” he stated.

The training also emphasized the utilization of local sources of feed to be incorporated into feed formulations, not as a complete replacement but as a supplement, so that farmers can also make their own feeds that meet the desired levels of animal nutrition.

Also present in the event were the University President, Dr. Aladino C. Moraca, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Fernando D. Abello, the Technical Director (Animal Utilization) of USSEC Southeast Asia, Dr. Basilisa Reyes, the Technical Consultant of USSEC Philippines, and Dr. Rhona Niña Reyes, along with the CAF-Animal Science faculty.


By: R. Normor and M. Matunding ABEL 4 OJT