Farming for life: CPSU-Murcia shares foliar fertilizer technology to Minoyan farmers

“You can plant a dream! What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

Last August 2022, CPSU-Murcia extension team through Dr. Joe-An Mae Escober, class coordinator and currently the university Director for International Affairs, introduced the Foliar Organic Fertilizer to the Minoyan Murcia Farmers due to their longstanding problem on financial funds in crop production. Most common among these are the shortage of fertilizer and sprayers for their farm. Hence, the farmers turned to naturally-made fertilizer that was developed by Dr. Escober.

On the 23rd of October, 2022, the farmers communicated with her and expressed their gratitude because the fertilizer did the work of helping their crops to fully recover, thus, enhancing their produce. Through this, they were able to meet their target of selling their products during the November 1 event, All Soul’s Day. This made them earn a sizable profit compared to their previous income, which was only sufficient to cover their loaned money and purchase their basic needs. In addition to receiving a sizable profit, the farmers' cost of production also decreased because they no longer bought any additional fertilizers.

On November 10, 2022, Dr. Escober visited the Minoyan Murcia farmers again for a follow-up. She learned from them how the neighboring farmers were inspired by their increased farm yield and were also very eager to adopt the fertilizer; to also embrace natural farming upon seeing the farm outputs of the Minoyans.

November 21, 2022 – with a happy heart, Dr. Escober and the CPSU Murcia team went back to the community for another batch of training as they have personally requested to learn of the technology and be oriented of its benefits and advantages to the soil and the plants.

To this day, farmers continued planting crops, including tomatoes and the like, after learning that foliar fertilizer is beneficial for both flowers and vegetables. In addition to the plants being very healthy, the farmers were able to save money as they no longer spend for other fertilizers because CPSU-Murcia also provided them the vermicast organic fertilizer. As a result, the farmers who grow their crops naturally received more than 200 kg increase from their first harvest.


By: M. Matunding, R. Normor - ABEL 4 OJT, & J.Emoy, The Cenphilian

Source & photos: Dr. J. Escober