CPSU’s ‘Sanduloy’: Rice mixed with root crops as potential solution to food security

CPSU finally introduces its own blend of rice, sweet potato and taro (bisol) locally known as ‘sanduloy,’ to grace the plates of everyone. 

With these root crops’ high nutritional value at a very economical cost, this local rice potpourri is sure to meet the tastebuds and pockets of both diet-conscious individuals and penny-wise spenders.

CPSU president, Dr. Aladino Moraca, stated that promoting this healthy food mostly planted by the rural farmers in upland communities, is the University’s engagement to contribute towards the fulfilment of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) particularly in eradicating hunger, promoting healthy lifestyle, food security, promoting livelihood opportunities, and partnership for the goals, among others. 

Given its vast land reservation and its potential to support thousands of families and farmers that depend on the gifts of the soil for their daily needs, CPSU takes the lead in promoting these underutilized yet nutrient-filled crops out in the open as a practice to eliminate malnutrition and poverty. 

“This is now the relevance of CPSU, as a state university, to the country. And with the collaboration of its partner agencies, the city, province, DAR, DA, Philippine army, among others taking their share and backing up on this campaign, this endeavor will no doubt take a huge leap in answering the region’s top priorities,” Dr. Moraca further stated.


Why eat ‘Sanduloy’?

Sweet potatoes and taro sure are special for various reasons - they ensure nutritional benefits. And when mixed with rice, they cushion the impact of price inflation of rice in the region.

  • Economical way to a healthy lifestyle…

The inimical effects of climate change have carved a huge blow to the region’s agriculture sector, not to mention the frequent visits of typhoons and other calamities that are hitting hard on our rice and corn farmers. Given our geographical terrain, the most resilient farm products to withstand such natural crises are the root crops. 

Likewise, everyone is well aware on how farmlands have been converted to subdivisions and commercial centers, leading to the decline in the supply of our food staples, which also ripples to price increase in the market. But with root crops, planting them along hilly areas and other spaces that are unlikely to be productive is very possible, and their ability to thrive and resist erosion makes them grow prolifically wherever they are planted, requiring little attention and care.

CPSU’s ‘Sanduloy’ is a mixture of these healthy root crops (sweet potato and taro) added to its very own organically-grown brown and white rice. Doing so would help stretch the value of rice, which will amiably answer problems on price increases of rice in the market. 

  • Combatting malnutrition and poverty…

Popularizing this food in every Filipino household is seen as an effective solution to address food security for the years to come. As these are often planted by poor smallholder farmers in the rural upland communities, this provides a win-win stride in fighting malnutrition, hunger and poverty. Introducing these crops to the bigger market will also ensure additional livelihood inputs for these families.

Hence, preparing a plateful of this food everyday ensures households a powerful punch against poor nutrition.



Photos: M. PEDROSA