Cenphilians’ pride! COTED gets 100% first-take passers for BEED, and 75.49% for BSED in the October 2022 teachers’ licensure exam

CPSU Main Campus - College of Teacher Education obtained 100% passing rate for its first takers in elementary level in the October 2022 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. 

Data from the Professional Regulation Commission released last December 16, 2022, showed that all its 17 first-time takers passed the said exam. The same data showed 14 out of 20 repeaters who also passed the exam for the elementary level. 


Meanwhile, in the Secondary level, there were 77 out of the 102 first-time takers, and 18 repeaters who passed the exam.

Basing on these data, the elementary level obtained an overall performance of 83.78%, and the secondary level with 59.75%. These results exceeded the institutional target and the national passing percentage for both elementary and secondary levels.


The following are the passers per batch:

(Batch 2020-2021) 

Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Pre-School Education: 

Salazar, Gave Heart R.

Acaso, Cristy Jean E.

Guarin, Antonitte R.

Villajos, Ailyn G.


Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics: 

Española, Joey S.

Mangangati, Arjie J.

Muleta, Jolie M.; Gigataras, Lenit N.

Nacionales, Janet C.

Tabar, Desiree B.


Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino: 

Amido, Oliver 

Bejasa, Romel M.

Abria, Chrestie M.

Apostro, Analy C.

Briones, Limay Nable

Capablanca, Conchita Sara

Casinillo, Angelyn P.

Depositario, Margie P.

Golez, Liza M.

Manayon, Angelee E.

Mugatar, Abegail K.

Pelayo, Hazel T.

Pitogo, Fevie Marie S.

Retarino, Donna V.

Sabico, Arlene Tulbo

Sardañas, Jennelyn E.

Sedayon, Karen Joy R.

Serfino, Kristin Isabelle Modesto; 

Silvano, Prejelyn P.

Tabar, Rodelyn T.

Vallejera, Leolannie D.

Villarin, Remia L.


Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education: 

Alfonso, Christine Mae T.


Bachelor in Physical Education major in School physical education:

Llego, Alex L.

Aguilos, Janine O.

Cuevas, Jelvee S.

De Baguio, Marites B.

Dela Torre, Lovely Estaniel

Lirazan, Bonna D.

Seron, Faith Joy P.

Tangga,Myra E.

Victoriano, Janjan P.

Villagracia, Precentacion S


(Batch 2019-2020) 

Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education: 

Aplaon, Roan B.

Cabrera, Ellen G.

Pradilla, Radiant Jubilee J.

Villorente, Naneth Mandaguit


Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino: 

Bolo, Margie P.

Cahinod, Lorily D.

De los Santos, Anarose T.

Ebio, Mishel S.

Evangelio, Jey-An M.

Jungco, Ana Laurriane L.

Malunes, Marevic R.

Moreno, Marlyn G.

Muleta, Marivic C.

Retita, Easter Grace D.

Soliva, Mary Rose R.

Tagamolila, Mary Ann J. 

Tayhon, Aiza J.


Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Science: 

Cabilitasan, Grace Ann


Bachelor in Physical Education Major in School Physical Education: 

Sapu-an, Franz Kenneth V.

Dela Liña, Annaliza L.

Granzo, Sila Ann M. 


(Batch 2018-2019) 

Bachelor in Physical Education Major in School Physical Education: 

Ebaristo, Ronalyn D.

Geroche, Jecel Joy M.


Bachelor of Elementary Education:

Boaquina, Kimberly

Jalandoni, Melowin D.

Medez, Beb J.


(Batch 2017-2018) 

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics: 

Perma, Ricky S.


(Batch 2016-2017)

Bachelor in Physical Education: 

Sayson, Philip L.


(Batch 2013-2014) 

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in MAPEH: 

Trases,Dave J.


With this success, the University and the College of Teacher Education laud all the passers, their family, and mentors, for this success.


By A. Fernandez, BSABE III & J. Emoy – The Cenphilian Publication

Source: COTED-Main