CPSU @75: A celebration of resilience, prosperity and success

It is with deep and ravishing emotions to celebrate the university's jubilee of joy and foundation. Who would have thought that a simple school akin to an innocent child would become a prodigy until these current times? It thrived through the tough times and became a light and a living legend to the locality it is in.

Definitely, it took tons of mettle and endeavor from the founding fathers of this academic institution to let it stand sturdy and stout with flexibility and pride at different times - especially for seven (7) decades and a half. It overcame hurdles and battles in order to educate and illuminate the darkened world with astonishment. CPSU is a blessing - a bright gleaming light that shines amidst the somber and distressed night.

Gracing the opening salvo of the 75th U-week celebration, Dr. Fernando D. Abello, VP for Academic Affairs, made the virtual room inspired and fetched with his wit and words. He did not only recognize the hardships of the primordial leaders of the school’s past and vital personalities but he also declared gratitude on his  behalf of the academic personnel to the Divine Being.

Moreover, with a firmly-willed heart, VP Abello said, "the leaders of CPSU made it a fertile ground of hope and strength, a productive and fruitful university." This direction had been so propelling that the people behind the pace of the university despite this pandemic had become goal-oriented that even in these trying times, being 'mediocre' is not found in their vocabularies and sight.

Hence, it is most fitting to uphold this annual founding momentum of the university as our way of renewing the fruitful heritage and traditions of the past golden prints of legacies. These are embroidered in our hearts by our ancestors that cost so much value and priceless emotions. The spirit of excellence and values are two of our Alma Mater's creed.

As the Kalaws rummage and verge into the skies with their wings spread upon the vast horizon, it took flight with the academe's dream - to travel wide and seek light in the midst of twilight. To conquer, be victorious and prosper in its every flight. Like precious, unbreakable diamonds, the heirs, sons and daughters of the university's lei of hope and spirit would forever bask the grounds of the Negrense soil.

Marvelous, auspicious, and prodigious - our Alma Mater was, is, and will always be.

by: H. Baldomar, BSCrim IV