CPSU’s pride: VPRE Dr. Posadas receives highest international award from UNIFFIED

With the aim of recognizing Filipino and Filipino American educators internationally who have exhibited above and beyond performances and have made significant contributions in their work places and the community, the United Federation of Fil-Am Educators (UNIFFIED), Inc. held its 2021 UNIFFIED International Virtual Summit Awards Ceremony with the theme, “Empowering Educators for the Challenges of the 21st Century” last July 16, 2021.

Among the awards given were the “Gawad Lampara”, “Gawad Sinagtala”, “Gawad Ulirang Guro”, “Most Influential teacher”, “Outstanding Leadership” and the “Rising to the Challenges of Excellence in Education” as the highest award.

This chief award honors teachers who have dedicated a decade of true service in the field of education for exemplary teaching performance. Being a recipient of the award embodies an educator who continues to raise the standards of education through innovation and creativity.

Among those included in the short list for the said award was Dr. Mae Flor Posadas, the University Vice President for Research and Extension (VPRE). The stringent selection process required nominees to have a maximum of 10 years of teaching experience with impactful contributions to the academe, community and its stakeholders.

With Dr. Posadas’ extensive experience in her 35 years of service in educating the youth of Central Philippines State University, this merits her the recognition for the “Rising to the Challenge of Excellence in Education” award.

As one of the springboards of the University, her journey had been an open book to everyone who were witnesses of her many quests and successes in various fields as evident in her unnumbered accomplishments, awards, distinctions and recognitions received.

Starting in the service as a humble office clerk in 1986, she slowly gained threshold in her career as her work ethics, coupled with dedication and commitment yielded her with significant achievements and notable accomplishments in the University, Negros Occidental Agricultural College (NOAC) then.

Looking at her previous designations, prior to her appointment as the VPRE, she was the Dean of the Graduate School for 3 years, the Special Disbursing Officer-Higher Education for 3 years, Director for Research and Development Services for 12 years (2007-2018), ITSO Technical Staff, R&D Coordinator NSCA-GIZ (Germany) Reforestation Project and Planning and Development Officer for 3 years of Central Philippines State University, Philippines, among many others.

Living as an example, her achievements serve as inspiration to fuel fellow educators in making their endeavors be felt outside the four walls of the classroom, to go above and beyond the call of duty for the service of the community.

This is her legacy to the University worthy of emulation and deserving recognition as CPSU’s pride, a proof of women empowerment and a tangible evidence of her dedicated service to the institution.

Romel G. Cato, Consul General of the Republic of the Philippines in New York, USA expressed highest commendations to all the awardees for being the light in their respective ways to uplift education in the country. 

UNIFFIED is recognized as the largest non-profit Filipino-American Educators Association, a multi-service organization based in the United States of America registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines. It is an organization founded in March 2014 which aims to provide educators professional growth opportunities and render charitable services to communities that promote the welfare of its citizens.

By: J.A. Emoy

Photo: M.F. Posadas