Management Information System

Management Information System Office for the Central Philippines State University. It defines what the University considers appropriate usage of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Equipment and how it will be managed and monitored. The purpose is to control and monitor the services provided by the MIS Office for the University in terms of Network, Internet, Software Application, and ICT Equipment Maintenance.


1. Ensures proper monitoring of Information and Communication Technology or ICT applications, network, internet usage and equipment to support the University;
2. Ensures in upholding the integrity, reliability, availability, confidentiality and efficiency of the IT resources;
3. Develop network specifications and installation of LAN/WAN and other networks and manage components (servers, IP’s);
4. Evaluate network performance issues including availability, utilization, throughput, good output, and latency;
5. Maintain Network performance through network monitoring and analysis and performance tuning, troubleshooting network problems, and escalating problems to vendor, developing, testing, evaluating, and installing enhancements;
6. Manage ICT applications through monitoring and analysis, escalating problems and installing enhancements; and
7. Protect the value of organization by monitoring security of information and utilize skills in data management.