CHED grants 18M for ‘One CPSU One Network’ Smart campus plan

Impelled with the commitment to be the leading technology-driven institution in the years to come, Central Philippines State University continues to gear forward for a technologically-advanced, sustainable and self-reliant campus. This  has led to the development of an advanced network of systems that aims to centralize institutional online processes allowing its extension campuses to virtually connect to the main campus.

This project, known as One CPSU One Network (OCON), is a 18 Million worth design for a SMART campus development in response to the call of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). 

This sophisticated use of technology through automation to enhance learning and improve University operations is now seen as an indispensable necessity that ensures equitable access to the institution’s essential services. Especially in the New Normal, this online connectivity is considered an effective means for people to get access to education and other training opportunities. 

Considered as a digital infrastructure, this centralized online transaction ensures the promotion of efficient, time and cost-saving inter-campus transaction, enrolment, classes and trainings that guarantees huge impact to the University, its clienteles and the communities which it serves.

This project is directed to the enhancement of its five (5) major priority areas to amplify and streamline the vital internal processes of the University. These are the Learning Management System, Online Enrolment System, Online Registrar Portal, Document Management System and Student Application Processing System.

In particular, the Online Enrolment System is projected to improve the existing enrollment system of the University to cater the needs of students in terms of online transaction. It includes grading system, student subjects taken, request of documents and other student related transactions.

CPSU President Dr. Aladino Moraca stated that this project is a proactive initiative in the Learning Management System of the University that addresses the digital divide among its satellite campuses especially in the efficient and effective conduct of distance trainings and seminars for essential and extension services to the stakeholders in the community.

“Passing this project means ensuring that CPSU will be a smart University in the next 10 to 15 years. The promising and impact-driven outcomes it will provide to the institution and the community will make a huge difference to the kind of services we provide to our clientele as we hold firm to our commitment for quality management system,” Dr. Moraca added.

With the initial phase well underway, this project is seen to close the gap of the digital divide among campuses while ensuring equitable access for everyone. This likewise guarantees improved services beneficial to all clients and stakeholders through online and automated programs and trainings. And with the commitment of the administration to finance and pursue the project, as well as the project team’s internal technical capability to start, troubleshoot and continue the systems, this assures the sustainability of the project.

This colossal wirework is a product of 11 persons with Ms. Shara Mae Tee as the project leader, together with Engr. Maria Cristina Canson, Vicente Trio, Jr., Dr. Marc Alexei Caesar Badajos, Dr. Chester Cofino, Merick Paculanang, Rico Onding, Joshua Kyle Dalmacio, Max Hulguin, Jun Rey Palabrica and Kristine Besana.