Water for the waterless: CPSU’s extension project to bring water right to the community’s backyard

Poor access to adequate and safe domestic water for drinking, hygiene and agricultural purposes is one of the most prevalent issues distressing locals in the rural communities. This is often constrained by their rough geographical terrains and limited reach of piped infrastructure, which the local community lack the financial resources to fund.


This is a very identical scenario for the households situated in Prk. Crossing Kanding, Brgy. Camingawan, Kabankalan City as they expressed their long-standing plight for accessible water in their area.

Mr. Floro Duque, the purok leader, said that they turned to the University for help. Residents are struggling to gain access to potable water in their area which included risking their safety every time children and women had to cross the streets just to fetch water. They had an existing reservoir, however this had been unused and remained empty for more than a decade already.

Seeing this critical need of the community, Central Central Philippines State University (CPSU) through the Extension and Community Services Office (ECSO) headed by Dr. Jimmy Degillo, and the Graduate School headed by Dr. Riza Stephanie Alfaras, in collaboration with Prk. Kanding and the Camingawan Barangay Council headed by Hon. Rico Regalia, immediately responded to address this concern.

A 600-meter hose was installed from the water source at Prk. Zamar going to the location at Prk. Crossing Kanding last May 15, 2021 serving approximately 20 households. It was the very image of collaboration and “bayanihan” with each sector extending their helping hands to realize this long dream of the community.

This project is part of the resolute goal of the University to assist its neighboring communities especially the farmers who are debilitated by poverty so as to ease up their current status of living.  

Particularly, this project would benefit women and children, thus saving them from having to walk for several kilometers just to be able to fetch water for their daily household needs, such as potable water for drinking and cooking, and in performing their daily chores such as washing the dishes, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, watering the garden, cooking, etc. Hence, water being delivered straight to their backyard is a huge relief and help for them.

Dr. Aladino Moraca, CPSU president, stated that responding to this ordeal on lack of water supply is significant not just to the recipients, but to the entire community including the local government because if not addressed immediately, this could cause health hazards, which in turn would further complicate the life of the rural folks and bring detriment to the already exhausted budget of the community caused by the current pandemic.

“The availability of water, which is considered most essential for survival, has significant impact on the community’s public health status. This had stifled residents in diverse ways since this can have economic, sanitation, gender and health implications.

It’s high time to redirect focus on crucial matters that had been long ignored, and align our direction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) to address national concerns on health, food security and poverty alleviation. All these boil down to our access to basic survival elements, one of which is water,” Dr. Moraca explained.

This move is one of the many initiatives, programs and projects of the University that aims to effect positive change in the lives of the people especially to the underserved sectors of the community.


By: J.A. Emoy

Photo: J. Degillo